App mock up
App mock up


So many people are unaware of how big of an effect they can have in helping to save the planet in the small things they do, every day small changes like the choices you make when shopping. Many ingredients used in everyday items we buy as well as their packaging and transportation are contributing to global warming and pollution. The world is currently estimated to consume 100 million tonnes of plastic annually, ingredients such as palm oil are causing deforestation and global warming. Though often overlooked, even the way the products we consume gets to our local store is damaging the environment by emitting harmful gasses such as co2, which contributes to the growing hole in the ozone. 

By using the Eco-Shopper app users will be given easy to understand data about the impact of the products they are purchasing. Making it simple to use, the app allows any barcode to be scanned and will give the data on the plastic used, palm oil content, and the miles it has traveled. Each of these individual categories are rated out of five and then also given an overall score. 

Ratings of 4 or more will appear green, ratings of 3 will appear as yellow and 2 or less will appear as orange. When either yellow or orange colours are seen a more ethical alternative suggestion will be provided.

Further information about the effects that palm oil farming, plastic waste, and transportation have on the environment and our world as a whole. These articles can be found on the information page within the app. Here sources articles from notable websites etc.. will be displayed for users to read. The information page also contains links to petitions that can be signed to help further in putting a stop to these issues globally. 

When signing up for the Eco-Shopper app, users will be asked to create a profile. This is so they can save their favourite scans, collect rewards and evaluate their purchasing habits. Within the profile page, there are options to look at their saved scans, previous shops that they have saved, or rewards they have collected. Rewards are earned when receipts with shops that have an ethical rating of 2.5 or more. Rewards are given in the form of stars and at any point, the user can convert those stars into coupons to be used online or in-store to help them save money for saving the environment.