UOP Grad Show 2020

This year I was shortlisted for The University of Portsmouth's Grad Show branding competition.

The brief for this said they were looking for bright summer feel-good vibes that get people excited about the upcoming Grad show. With this in mind, I decided to use the CMYK colour palette as a nod toward the design elements of the show and because the colours are very bright and vibrant. 

Later I incorporated a wave/liquid effect in the video and some of the signage as a link to the town's seaside location. 

The video above was created for the final round of judging to give the judges a taste of what could be done with the type and branding and how vibrant and eye-catching it could be.

 The Images shown are some concept ideas for the idea submission. (This includes my original typeface, social media promo ideas, and branding mockups)